(creator of CatDog!):
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Nickelodeon: When did you decide to become a cartoonist?
PETER HANNAN: I use to make flip books in the sixth and seventh grade, and I always drew ridiculous creatures.  After high school, I studied fine art and painted big abstract paintings.  On the side, though, I still drew these silly little drawings. I finally realised I liked the drawings more than the abstract paintings, so I started doing illustration work.
How did you come up with the idea for CatDog?
CatDog started out as the Amazing CatDog Man in an idea for a book.  The character was a man's body with two heads - a cat's and a dog's - and they fought amongst themselves while trying to rescue people.  Five years later, I started thinking about the character as a cartoon, and it became CatDog.
Now that you've created CatDog, what is your job like?
I work on every part of the animation process and approve every detail of each episode: the characters, layouts, backgrounds, scripts, music and sound effects.  So, basically, I run around like a maniac every day.
What kind of pets did you have growing up?
I had cats and dogs.
Do you have any siblings?
Yes, a brother - but we're not Siamese twins! He's twelve years younger: so we didn't have the kind of rivalry that Cat and Dog have.
Which side of CatDog do you think kids will like more? 
People almost always like Dog more right away. But I always like characters who have a little sour in with the sweet, so Cat appeals to me.
Who does the voices of the characters?
Dog is played by Ton Kenny, who is a great stand-up comic and was the voice of Heffer in Rocko's Modern Life.  Cat is played by Jim Cummings, who has been the voice of Winnie the Pooh for the past ten years.  He also narrates a lot of movie previews.
What's the most frequently asked question about CatDog?
The first question people ask is, "How do they go to the bathroom?" My official answer is: I don't know how they go to the bathroom, but I'm  absolutely positive that they do go to the bathroom.  They have a fire hydrant and a litter box - but the less you think about how they actually do it, the better.